Friday, April 18, 2008

Milestones 18/04/2008

Since it's the end of the (working) week, and I think all reflection on progress is good:

  • 120kg squat, a new PR by 5kg. There are currently a bunch of challenges on at my gym, one of which is max. squat. I was interested to learn that though plenty of dudes squat much more than me, as a percentage of bodyweight I'm doing the same as all but the strongest guys (1.7xBW)
  • Submitted a quote for a big project. Still anxiously awaiting a response. Planning out the quote was a good experience — I think we did it much better than last time and have a very solid plan to guide development. Also had a new idea for a product while developing the quote.
  • Made more steps towards the PhD. Writing a literature review at the moment. It is tedious but useful.

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