Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hedgehog exploring the world

Hedgehog exploring the world
Originally uploaded by Noel Welsh.
Incredibly, other things have been happening in the world aside from my accident. A couple of couple of days ago Bree brought a hedgehog home from work to join the campaign against slugs. As far as I know the little guy's scarpered next door (through the hedge) but we can always hope.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Operation Today

The operation on my finger is today. From 10am it's nothing to eat or drink. At 2pm I show at the hospital. Should be operated on around 5pm and out by 9pm. In case the anesthetic doesn't work I'm taking along Gaussian Processes - A Replacement for Supervised Neural Networks?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stiff Little Fingers

There are many things I should blog about here: our trip to Austria, and our new furniture are two. However they are not going to be blogged, at least not yet. Yesterday I came off my bike. Didn't see a speed bump (at speed), took air, and then ate asphalt. Luckily the gear I've always felt like an idiot wearing saved me from losing a lot of skin. However I dislocated a finger on my dominant hand. I should post the x-rays. It was awesome.

Some guys walking down the road (who'd I'd been watching to make sure I didn't hit them, instead of watching the road) were great. They helped me lock up my bike and then drove me to A&E, where Bree met me. A&E were similarly great. Within 3 hours the finger had been reset, and I'd seen a specialist. Everyone was very friendly. All up as good an experience as a dislocated finger could be.

Today I have lots of bruising and a bit of pain, but otherwise I feel ok. I'll have an operation in a few days to repair some ruptured tissue (can't remember the name) and check the tendons are all right. Then it's a cast and rehab for 4-6 weeks. So I'll be a one-armed bandit for a while, which is an appropriate thing for a reinforcement learning researcher to be.