Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Need More Power!

Conference paper submission deadline on the 9th. Today the whole building is powered down for some spurious reason. Today I lose all the experiments I've been running on many many computers for the last month. So, no trip to Oregon this year.

In other news, the money sink known as our car had it's N monthly service yesterday. All went well, but when I went to fill it up with compressed dead trees the petrol hatch wouldn't open (the spring is MIA). Stood around like a fool playing with the damn hatch whilst the queue behind me grew and grew. The person behind me was kind enough to get out and help, though her first question was to ask if I'd pulled the release lever. Yeah, I thought of that. Eventually got it open.

It's been a grumpiness inducing couple of days. Things can only get better!

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