Monday, September 25, 2006

La France

Zut alors! The blogging just can't keep up with life. Now several weeks ago I went to France with Messieurs Anberee, Gurnell, Swinbank, and the lovely Mademoiselle Pounds-Cornish. Photos are online here and here.

I've only been to France twice before, when Bree and I went to Paris, and when we went to Lille. The trip to Paris was the first trip we made after moving to the UK. We hadn't yet started working so we were mostly broke. We walked all over the city, and subsisted on picnics of cheese and bread. I remember we had left over cheese one night, which we wanted to keep, but it smelled so bad we had to keep it on the window sill outside our hotel room. Good times! This time I was in small town France, first with Thomas' brother in Ile de Yeu, and then at Richards Dad's holiday home near Niort. Quite a different experience. I won't go into what we got up to. Take a look at the photos if you want to know. A few points of difference though: the French care much less about gardens and the appearance of their houses. It is normal for the rendering of a house to be falling off. Food is cheaper and better quality. The stereotype really is true! I'd like to know why that is. France is so close that I should think the same produce would be available.

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