Monday, December 19, 2005

Computer science vs programming

I set up this blog with the intention of documenting my research, but instead have mostly focused on snippets of life for the benefit of friends and family. I'm going to try and include more research related items. If it suits I'll carry on. If not I'll find another venue.

My first link item it to link to The Geomblog: Computer science vs programming. Ah, undergraduate education! A topic I'll happily rant about for a goodly long time! It's well worth a read if you're involved in CS education. Unfortunately, current circumstances, with declining student numbers, are having the opposite effect to that suggested by the article. Instead of teaching becoming more personal, and interesting, most CS departments have responded by setting up professional Masters degrees, and making their courses even more programming, with the intention of attracting students interested in the relatively well paying career that programming is.

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Suresh said...

exactly ! that is precisely the wrong way to go about re-introducing the next generation of CS majors to the field, as well as correct a decades-long misconception of nature of computer science.